Listen as Dr. Mark Kransa explains that Multi-disciplinary Care is a paradigm shift in Cancer Care
Dr. Mark Kransa speaks on why Multi-disciplinary Care has been beneficial when partnering with payers and providers for the patient
Listen as Dr. Mark Kransa explain why the use of cancer care pathways is a method of dimishing the variance in cancer care in chemotherapy infusion and radiation therapy
Hear Dr. Mark Kransa speak on how Community Oncology Practices still remain the bulk of treatment centers for Cancer Patients
Listen to Dr. Mark Kransa explain why ACOs directly relate to value based cancer care
Dr. Boccia addresses the problem of unclear diagnoses affecting approximately 15% of newly diagnosed patients with metastatic disease each year and the importance of an accurate diagnosis of tumor type in selecting the proper site-specific therapies.
Dr. Boccia describes the components of the bioT3 platform and its clinical utility in identifying tumor type and actionable targets for therapy.
Dr. Boccia compares CancerTYPE ID to other gene expression tests and reviews studies validating its accuracy and clinical utility.
Dr. Boccia describes cases in which he uses CancerTYPE ID in his clinical practice.
Dr. Boccia describes cases in which he uses CancerTREATMENT NGS+ in his clinical practice.
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